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STH & NS -Monday- Sat -  6th January 2020

STH only - Sunday Classes - 19th January 2020




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Academy Coaching Programme

The Northwood Gymnastics (NG) Academy Coaching Programme


The NG Coaching Academy Programme is available to any 13 year old to 17 year old who may be interested in learning about gymnastic coaching, working with children or even wanting to do some work experience in a gymnastics setting.


We offer the opportunity to volunteer alongside our experienced coaches, delivering coaching to a range of ages and abilities, all the way to paid work prospects and UKCC coaching qualifications.


To apply all academy coaches must:


1. Be aged between 13 years and 17 years old to be part of the academy coaching programme.

2.  An applicant cannot be accepted into the official programme until they are 13 years old.

3. Complete at least one term probation period - voluntary.  However, if we feel that you are ready before, you may be invited into the scheme sooner. At the end of this period, they will be accepted or not accepted into the programme, by Paul Turner (Head Coach).

4. Will be offered to attend a trial session before they are invited onto the probation period.



If accepted into the programme all academy coaches must:


1. Hold appropriate valid qualifications  

- At 13 years plus - attend and pass the ‘British Gymnastics Proficiency Course’.  The outcomes of the Award Scheme courses are:

Assist with the teaching of skills and activities within the proficiency scheme

Tailor the material to be suitable for the age group, provide stimulating sessions and essentially, make sessions fun.

- At 16 years plus - attend and pass the ‘British Gymnastics Level 1 - General Gymnastics course’ (The cost of this course will be subsidised by Northwood Gymnastics).


2. Consider the well-being and safety of participants.


3. Develop an appropriate working relationship with others in the gymnastics setting.


4. Hold the appropriate ‘British Gymnastics Insurance’ cover. (Minimum Bronze level).


5. Apply for and provide a copy of their work permit when they pass their probation period and are eligible to invoice.  Rates of pay are avaiable from


To download the work permit please click here


Please note that all Academy Coaches are self employed - so they must complete the form with their own details. They do not work for Northwood Gymnastics.


6. Display consistently high standards of behaviour and appearance, dress suitably, keep nails at a sensible length, remove all jewellery and not using inappropriate language at any time whilst involved with club activities.


7. Never consume alcohol or drugs immediately before or during training or events.


8 . Promote the positive aspects of the sport (e.g. fair play) .


9. Do not use mobile phones at any time during a coaching session. Except to take the register at the beginning of the lesson.


10. Submit all invoices promptly, as late ones may not be processed. A separate invoice must be submitted for each venue.


11. All invoices must include the following statement “I am responsible for my income tax and National Insurance and include their 10 digit UTR Number”.

To apply or for more information please email

P1020119 P1020107 P1020080